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Glass Removal

Thanks to all the recycling services available these days, many homeowners are using the process of collecting or recycling their empty glass bottles and Jars. Some companies even offer rebates on future bills for these things. Although this may be the case, home window mirrors and automobile glass can be entirely different. Many companies will not consider these items, making them a significant problem. This is unless you are using the best glass or junk removal service.

We Make Glass Removal Easy

Glass is not just hard to eliminate; It can also be risky. This is especially true when it’s damaged or broken. Our goal is to make disposing of glass the most straightforward method. Glass is a distinct substance, distinct from plastic. When brought to proper recycling facilities, glass is broken into smaller pieces called cullet.

The cullet could be further crushed and then mixed with sand and soda. Then it melts in a high-temperature furnace before being molded into various sizes, shapes, and colors to create new glass containers. Due to the unique qualities and properties, we’re thrilled to come to your residence, collect your glass products, and ensure they go to the proper recycling facilities.

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Glass Removal