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Hello! We’re happy that you’ve found us. If you’re dealing with a junk issue, you’ll be glad as well. Our company is locally owned and operated. We’re based out of Houston TX and we strive each and every day to be the very best junk removal company in the city. We take steps to ensure that we’re going to provide you with a great service. Our company is unlike anyone else in the area and we’re going to prove it when you work with us. Below, you’re going to learn about some of the things that distinguishes us from the competition.

We’re Family

Our owners have lived in Houston, Texas their entire lives. They’ve become very familiar with many of the local residents. In fact, they’re so familiar with these individuals that they feel like a part of the family. That makes us different. We understand the unique junk issues that Houston TX residents face regularly. Our company can address those problems better than anyone else. At the same time, we’re going to treat you like family. This combination ensures that you’re going to get a great service from start to finish!

We’ll Take Care Of It All

We want our clients to know that we can take care of it all. Some companies put limitations on the items that they’re going to get rid of. They refuse to handle delicate items that have to be disposed of in a certain manner. We’re different in this regard. Our company wants to help as many people as possible and that is why we have few limitations. We promise that we’ll take care of it all. We can really get rid of everything and anything. When you call us, you can guarantee that you’re not going to receive a refusal. We’ll do our best to put together a solution your unique problem.

Professionalism At Its Best

We understand how vital it is for our company to provide our clients with a great experience and plenty of professionalism. Our company has gone above and beyond to ensure that we’re going to put a smile on your face. Our employees are trained to the fullest. They’re trained before they’re allowed to join the team. Then, they’re trained regularly after that. We make sure that they’re professional from start to finish. If they’re not, we’re going to reprimand them and change their ways. You won’t get a better experience anywhere else in Houston.

A Big Team

All of our clients have a unique problem. Some clients have a very small problem. That won’t be an issue. Others have a major junk issue on their hands. This might be too much for some junk removal companies. Our company can handle it. We have a massive team and plenty of trucks in our arsenal. This enables us to deal with big issues that other companies cannot handle. No matter how big or small your problem is, you can always count on us to get the job done right. We’ll send multiple trucks to your location if necessary.

We Remove Limbs And Branches

Houston TX residents are forced to deal with storms from time to time. Those storms may include damaging winds that bring down limbs and branches. This is an issue that you’ll want to address as quickly as possible. Once your yard has become littered with branches, you’ll want to get in touch with us. We’ll put on our gloves and get rid of the mess for you. Our prices are reasonable so you won’t have to worry about emptying your entire wallet.

We Clean Up Abandoned Homes

There are some people who left their old homes go to squalor. Some people are given homes after their parents have passed. When this happens, there is a good chance that the home is going to be overflowing with junk and trash. Cleaning up the mess on your own would be incredibly difficult and that is why you’ll want to work with us. Our company offers cleaning services for abandoned homes. When you want to clear out all of the trash, you’ll want to call our Houston office. We’ll get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

We Can Get Rid Of Office Equipment

Our company understands that homeowners aren’t the only ones dealing with junk. An office with a lot of junk is not going to be a friendly environment for your workers. In fact, there is a good chance that their morale and productivity is going to dip significantly. This is why you need to get rid of the junk as quickly as possible. Our company is here to assist you in your time of need. We will remove and dispose of all types of office junk, including printers, copy machines, fax machines, old phones, computers, chairs, tables, and more. If your office needs cleaned out, you need to tell us.

We Remove Spoiled Food

Refrigerators are vital, but they’re incapable of lasting forever. When your fridge goes bad, there is a possibility that your food is going to spoil. This is a serious issue and you’ll need to clean up the mess right away. Our Houston TX junk removal company can help in two ways. First and foremost, we’ll empty the fridge and get rid of the spoiled food. We’ll make sure that all of the items are disposed of properly. After that, we can haul away the fridge for you. That will enable you to replace it with a new one and move on with your life right away.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We want all of our clients to know that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We’re confident that we’re going to be able to provide you with a great service. Nevertheless, we also understand that things can easily go wrong along the way. Well, our satisfaction guarantee will be there to help you. If you’re not happy with us, we want to hear about it. Express your consumers with us and we’ll do our best to fix the issue as quickly as possible. This is something that our competitors will not do and it is the biggest reason that you’ll want to choose us as your junk removal company!

Why Us?

There is a good chance that you’ve been researching other Houston TX junk removal companies. Let us tell you that you won’t get a better service anywhere else. Our company has been in the game for an extensive period of time and our reputation has remained immaculate. We guarantee your satisfaction and we’ll do whatever possible to ensure that you get it!

  • We put in 100% effort for each and every one of our clients.
  • We’ll work with businessowners and homeowners.
  • Our service providers can dispose of all types of junk.
  • We dispose of everything in a responsible manner.
  • Our prices are the best in Houston.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you’re going to be happy with us.
  • Our workers are always drug tested and background checked.


Isn’t it about time you got rid of the junk in your home or yard? When you’re ready to take action, you should stop what you’re doing and call us. We’re ready to go and we’ll get that junk out of your hair before you even know it!


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Flora Texas, New Waverly Texas, Shepherd Texas, Bellville Texas, Van Vleck Texas, Batson Texas, Eagle Lake Texas, Winnie Texas, High Island Texas, Cedar Lane Texas, Pierce Texas, Kenney Texas, Romayor Texas, Stowell Texas, Chappell Hill Texas, Nome Texas, Washington Texas, Navasota Texas, Thicket Texas, Bay City Texas, Rye Texas, Votaw Texas, Ace Texas, Sour Lake Texas, Richards Texas, Saratoga Texas, Roans Prairie Texas, Goodrich Texas, El Campo Texas, Markham Texas, Anderson Texas, Danevang Texas, Millican Texas, Midfield Texas, Elmaton Texas, Wellborn Texas, Village Mills Texas, Blessing Texas, College Station Texas, 77001, 77002, 77003, 77004, 77005, 77006, 77007, 77008, 77009, 77010, 77011, 77012, 77013, 77014, 77015, 77016, 77017, 77018, 77019, 77020, 77021, 77022, 77023, 77024, 77025, 77026, 77027, 77028, 77029, 77030, 77031, 77032, 77033, 77034, 77035, 77036, 77037, 77038, 77039, 77040, 77041, 77042, 77043, 77044, 77045, 77046, 77047, 77048, 77049, 77050, 77051, 77052, 77053, 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